Henry Kopf led a four part series in partnership with the North Carolina Center of Innovation Network (NC COIN) at the NC State Technology Incubator to provide triangle entrepreneurs and early stage companies with practical and informative information as they forge their path forward. The series began on April 15 and concluded on May 27th. The topics included: 

  1. Legal Issues of Everyday Business
  2. Protecting IP
  3. Fundraising & Exit strategies
  4. International Business Transactions

The series went beyond touching the topics at a high level. Each seminar focused on providing business owners with hands on, detailed information on legal and business issues. Many of these issues were obstacles that Henry experienced while running a filtration company specializing in biotech applications. Others were issues he navigated while representing business owners in complex business disputes and litigation matters. 

Attendees took advantage of a rare chance to ask questions and gain insight into everyday legal issues in an intimate and informal setting with an experienced business attorney. Thank you to the attendees, Karen Shank, Joe Magno and the rest of the NC COIN team for making this brown-bag series a success.