RALEIGH, NC - On December 11, 2017, Henry Kopf led a seminar titled "Vital First Steps of an Acquisition." Henry's session was part of a day-long seminar hosted by the National Business Institute™ titled “Handling the Sale of a Business.” The seminar was attended by experienced transactional attorneys and accountants working with business owners. This seminar provided attorneys and accountants with guidance on a variety of topics including beginning the sale process, traditional and alternative financing options, business valuation, tax saving structures and strategies, structuring and drafting acquisition documents, and ethics in business acquisitions. 

Without proper legal counsel and preparation, buying or selling a business can be a grueling and stressful process. Henry provided the group with practical legal strategies on developing a sales process, creating effective teaser summaries on the business, entering confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, drafting letters of intent, and conducting due diligence to help start, and keep, the sales process on the right path. Many of these practical legal strategies were witnessed first-hand while Henry was an entrepreneur himself prior to becoming an attorney.

The invitation to teach accountants and fellow attorneys is a rewarding way for Revolution Law attorneys to share and educate fellow service professionals using real-life examples that they face in the course of representing high-growth businesses going through the mergers and acquisitions process.